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Use Google to search for product reviews. Simply enter the product name and the word "review" in the search field. For example, if you are interested in the Canon Powershot S100 digital camera, enter "canon s100 review" (without the quotes). To search for the reliability of a product, enter the product name and the word "problem".

   General Product Reviews go to top
  1. - offers over one million reviews and comments and covers over 200,000 products and services to help you make better buying decisions.

  2. - has the best Discussion (e.g. searchable USENET newsgroups archives) on the internet. For experts, use the Power Search hot! page for the best results.

  3. - believe it or not, is a great resource for reviews. Whether you buy from Amazon or not, check out their editorial reviews and customer reviews. Here's how: 1. go to Amazon; 2. enter the product name in search field, click Go!; 3. a new page will display, click on the product name; 4. when your product is displayed, click on either "editorial reviews" or "customer reviews" on the sidebar on the right.

  4. - the leading, trusted source for consumer product information on the web. You can find links to professional reviews, user reviews, and discussions. Be sure to check out the communities page for the type of product you are researching, for example,, in addition to cars, golf, ski and snowboard equipment, mountain bikes, outdoor gear, baby gear, and more. Hint: Video and DVD equipment reviews are covered in

  5. ConsumerSearch - links to the best professional reviews, both online and in print. The added value of ConsumerSearch is that the reviews are reviewed and rated for highest quality and credibility, ConsumerSearch includes ranking and descriptions of all the top reviews, complete with links.

  6. ConsumersDigest Online - online version of the popular Consumer's Digest magazine. Reviews and best buy recommendations for autos, home electronics, household goods, and other consumer products. This site offers professional objective evaluations, unbiased information, expert recommendations, all FREE!

   Deals and Coupons go to top
  1. DealCatcher - one of the best deals and coupons sites on the net. DealCatcher has an option to notifies users of coupons, deals, via direct e-mail newsletter.  DealCatcher utilizes a sophisticated database to allow users to easily search, sort,  and find the best deals on the web. DealCatcher has been featured by the Wall Street Journal - Interactive Edition, NBC, ABC, & CBS news.

  2. - is a very good coupons site, updated daily. JumpOnDeals offers coupons for over 1200 online stores. It's simple, easy to use and find any coupon.

  3. claims to be the most frequently updated and complete deal site on the web, with over 800 coupons for all your favorite online stores! The Daily Deals provide you with the day's hottest deals every day. Hint: Use the "Alphabetized" links on the left side of the page to find store coupons.

  4. eDealFinder - offers a comprehensive list of coupon codes, special deals, and money saving bargains! All coupons are verified prior to posting and re-verified at least once every month! Check with eDealFinder before you make any purchase online for special coupon codes that might save you up to 100% off your purchase.

  5. Coupons and Deals - CNET's coupons and deals search engine will search some of the best deals and coupons sites. Some of the sites include: DealCatcher, Deal-Finder,, and more.

   Price Search and Comparision go to top
  1. CNET's - the premiere site for the best prices for computers, notebooks, handhelds, peripherals, monitors, printers, scanners, networking, software, accessories, and much more. Hint: Be sure to click on "Re-sort By Price" in the search result page.

  2. mySimon - comparison shops for products at more than 2,000 online stores. MySimon offer an unbiased service that helps you decide what to buy and where to buy it. Claims to be powered by "Virtual Learning Agent" technology that intelligently collects information from any online store.

  3. DealTime - search across online stores, auctions and buying groups that match your criteria. DealTime also has a feature to schedule a search for a better deals. As DealTime find new deals, an instant e-mail update will be sent to you. DealTime supports Web-enabled mobile phone via DealTime Mobile.

  4. - ranks products by the features, then find the lowest price.

  5. PriceWatch and PriceSCAN - two of the original price comparision sites. Try these great sites if you can't find your product on CNET's

   Online Shopping Malls go to top
Hint: For all shopping mall sites, use the "Search" feature to find products. Most sites will list products together for price comparison.
  1. Yahoo Shopping - Many major stores here including:, Victoria Secret, Eddie Bauer, Coach, William-Sonoma, Clinique, and much more.

  2. Go Shop - Shopping at GO Networks, including:,,,, ToyTime, ToySmart,, and more.

  3. Lycos Shop - Online stores, auctions, and classifieds. Stores include:, Eddie Bauer,,,,, and more.

  4. Amazon's zShops - Shop for new, used, and hard-to-find products from specialty retailers, small businesses, and individuals.

  5. Excite Shopping - Stores include:, Hallmark, CDNOW,, eToys,, J.Crew, OfficeMax,, and more. Hint: If the product name has a dash in the name, put quotation marks around the name.

  6. Microsoft's MSN eShop - was merged with eShops. Stores include: Barnes and Noble, Red Envelope, ToyTime,,,, and more.

   Online Merchant Ratings go to top
  1. - Professional reviews of online brokers, banks, stores (e.g. computer, books, music, videos, toys, etc), auctions, travel, and much more. Gomez was the first to review online brokers. Hint: For each review, be sure to click on the profile link, then click the what consumers are saying link. Hint: On Gomez, the user comments will tell you MUCH more about a company than the reviews.

  2. - Online stores rate. Rating and survey includes: product selection, price, on-time delivery, customer support, shipping, return policy, and much more.

  3. Better Business Bureaus Online - Check to see if there are any complaints filed against your merchant. Also check if your merchant has a BBBonline seal.

   Package Tracking go to top
  1. United Parcel Service - the UPS web site provides tracking, shipping cost calculator, pickup and drop-off locations, and more. To jump to package tracking, go to UPS package tracking HINT: Check out the U.S. Holiday Schedule

  2. Federal Express - the FedEx web site provides account registration, package tracking, internet shipping, rate finder, dropoff locator, and more. To jump to the FedEx U.S. site, click FedEx U.S. site or to jump directly to the package tracking page click FedEx package tracking HINT: Check out the U.S. Holiday Schedule

  3. Airborne Express - the Airborne web site provides tracking, dropbox locator, and more. NOTE: you must call Airborne for shipping rates. Click here for the Airborne U.S. site and to jump directly to package tracking click here for Airborne package tracking HINT: Check out the U.S. Holiday Schedule

  4. United States Postal Service - the web site for the US Post Office offers the following services:

   Computer and Electronic Reviews
  1. CNET - the best sites for reviews of computers, hardware, electronics, and just about anything digital. Check out both the consumer reviews and accompanying user reviews.

  2. ZDNet Reviews - the second best site for reviews of computers, hardware, electronics, etc. If you couldn't find it on CNET, check ZDNet Reviews. NOTE: ZDNet has merged with CNET.

  3. AnandTech, Sharky Extreme, and Tom's Hardware Guide - these are the premiere computer component review sites on the net. Reviews of CPUs, motherboards (AKA mainboards), video cards, sound cards, networking cards, monitors, memory, and much more. Do not expect reviews of consumer computers (e.g. Dell, Gateway, Compaq, Micron, Esc) at these sites. Rather if you interested in comparison of the Pentium 4 to the Athlon CPU, or a comparison between the nVidia GeForce2, ATI Radeon, and 3dfx Voodoo, then these are the sites to use.

   Digital Camera Reviews
  1. Steve's DigiCams - the premiere digital camera review resource on the net. Just about every digital camera has been reviewed here. If you are shopping for a digital camera, do yourself a favor and visit Steve's DigiCams first.

  2. Imaging Resource - the second best digital camera review resource on the net. Site of the infamous bandwidth hog "COMPAROMETER". The COMPAROMETER lets you compare reference images from digital cameras side-by-side.

  3. Digital Photography Review ( - the latest in digital camera and digital imaging news, reviews of the latest digital cameras, discussion forums, vast digital camera samples galleries, a digital camera buyers guide, side-by-side comparisons and the most comprehensive database of digital camera specifications and prices. Be sure to check out the surprisingly useful user discussion forums

  4. Short Courses - a badly named, but great site for general digital cameras information. Although the complete camera reviews are NOT free, the Short Courses site is still a great source for information regarding digital camera and accessories.

   DVD, Movie, and Music
  1. Internet Movie Database ( - the premiere movie resource on the internet. The database includes over 200,000 movies and TV shows made since 1892, in addition to over 400,000 actors and actresses, nearly 40,000 directors, and much more. Information includes producer, actors, locations, awards, trivia, quotes, links to professional/user movie reviews, movie recommendations, and much more.

  2. DVD Price Search - find the best DVD prices using the DVD price search engine. It allows you to create a "price comparison shopping cart" filled with the DVD titles that you are interested in buying. We'll tell you not only which stores have the cheapest prices for the titles you want, but also, the applicable taxes and shipping costs at each store.

  3. Ultimate Band List ( - the premiere music resource. Information includes fan web sites, user discussion forums, discography, and more. The UBL site is now on the ARISTdirect network.

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